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Lenovo IdeaPad U260 Laptop: A new class of thin and stylish.

Flaunting a magnesium-alloy shell, our first 12.5″ laptop is lightweight, durable and designed unlike any other.

  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 470UM (1.33GHz)
  • Memory (RAM): 4GB DDR3
  • Storage (hard drive): 320GB
  • Color: Mocha Brown


Exquisite details.

We really raised the bar this time

A contemporary look and feel.
High-end details include a mix of textures and materials glass, faux leather for easy maintenance and stainless steel interior. Expert application of these interesting materials pulls the look together.

Redesigned keyboard.
Let your fingers freely roam around the U260 notebook’s full-sized keyboard and you’ll notice how smooth it is to type on. Plus, it’s breathable surface allows your PC to stay cooler and maintains spill resistance.

Reconstructing the laptop.
Our custom-designed, one-piece metal cover is as strong as it is well-designed. Its magnesium alloy shell keeps it light and durable. It also has a cool, contemporary feel to it.

Affordable product, high-price performance.

Running from class to class? In a coffee-shop? Web surfing from home? The G770 laptop is an affordable way to tackle your everyday computer tasks.


Our designers and engineers hear it every time. Laptops can never be too thin or rich in features. It’s quite a challenge, and each time they out-do themselves.

Here are a few attributes that would make even our most modest designers boast:

  • Impressive use of materials like glass, stainless steel, and faux-leather.
  • First of its kind. 12.5″ U260 Slimbook, measuring just 0.07″ thin and weighs only 2.98 lbs.
  • Progressive, thin, ultra-light and equipped with Full HD support. A combination sure to make any frequent flyer or busy commuter swoon.
  • Keyboard redesign. Water-resistant, breathable keyboard helps dissipate heat. It also features taller keys with more space surrounding them for easier typing and fewer errors.

Smart power-play.

Dare to leave your power cord at home.

ULV processors (ultra-low voltage) need less power. That means less power consumption, which means more time unplugged.

A ULV processor paired with Energy Management, a preloaded software, makes the U260 Slimbook a well-equipped, lean, green laptop. The power to monitor and stretch your PC power juice puts you in control.

More ways to connect and share.
U260 has a generous amount of ports for its size. Easily upload/download images, photos, music and more. Input/output superior high-def video and audio content. Effortless wireless connectivity gives you the freedom to roam.

Get more out of your laptop and enjoy theater-quality video and audio with Dolby® Advanced Audio. Watch Full HD movies on a cinema-quality screen in style from beginning to end.

Less worry.

Keep it light. Make life easier. Worry less.

  • OneKey™ Recovery System detects viruses, repairs, and restores your data with a quick press of a button.
  • A built-in ambient light sensor makes laptop viewing easy on the eyes with auto-brightness feature.
  • Make your face your password with Veriface® face recognition software. Easy access for you, denied access for others.
  • APS™ is like a built-in safety net for your laptop. It uses an accelerometer to detect abnormal movement and quickly stops your hard drive. So drop, fall, or take a bumpy subway drive and you’re protected. We do draw the line at kicking. That’s no way to treat a laptop.


Thin and portable laptops are so light, you may forget you’re even carrying one.

And because accidents will happen, it’s a good idea to get a laptop with APS (Active Protection System). It’s a built-in motion sensor designed to protect your laptop from shocks, sudden drops and falls.

Ambient light sensor

Laptops with an ambient light sensor auto-adjust the display to your lighting conditions for easier, improved viewing.

They can also sense if you’re sitting too close and alert you to back off for less eye strain.

Dolby® Advanced Audio™

Great audio on a 12.5″ laptop? Definitely. The U260 laptop is equipped with Dolby stereo sound for an amazing audio experience.

Sit back, play your music, and indulge in an entirely new audio experience from your U260 portable laptop.